"Dear Martina, i am Professor Sirna who accompanied the school group from Sicily to Pisa. The places we visited together are really beautiful but you have made them interesting and your information have been extremely necessary and useful. You were very good, you kept the group together and we followed you with interest all the way there and you left a great memory also to my colleagues, especially for your skills. Ciao!......."
Sirna Paola (25/04/2010)

  "Martina, my husband and I have been talking till now of the tour in Pisa we have done last week-end with you ... yuo are in our heart! We appreciated very much the beauty of the historic center, its liveliness and magic of the Arno river. We are trying to convince our friends to have this experience! Tuscany is very special. We hope to come back and do some other nice tour with you! With love."
Silvana Onnis (Alessandria, 19th June 2010)

  "Our day in Pisa was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Europe!
Martina was a wonderful guide and she planned the day beautifully. We all loved climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa... a very "touristy" thing to do but we all thought it was unique and exciting! The church in Pisa was beautiful and very impressive. We had a wonderful meal together and although I think Martina was worried about where we ended up eating, we all had our perfect meal of pizza and pasta. It truly was our most delicious lunch of the whole trip! We had delicious gelato at the La Bottega del Gelato in Pisa - a real gem! We really got a "true taste" of Pisa, for both the sights and the food! Martina was informative and very kind. I think she would have liked to show us more of Pisa but we truly enjoyed what we were able to see and do in the time that we had. I would highly recommend Martina for any small or large group tour! Our day more than met our expectations......."
Shelly and Gary, USA

  "Martina - My family had a very nice tour of Pisa and its historic sites with you. My children were fascinated to learn about and count the marks made by the Devil on one of the Cathedral stones. Everyone seemed to enjoy learing a little more history about the site.
Thank you
David , (USA, September 2010)

  "Dear Martina, Pisa was one of our favorite places to visit because of your wonderful tour and gracious hospitality. We didn't know what to expect upon arriving in Pisa, but your knowledge and love of this beautiful city was so evident, that we have decided to stay longer in Pisa on our next trip to Italy. Your English skills were excellent and we can't thank you enough for helping make our visit to Pisa so memorable. We will certainly recommend you to all of our friends and family who visit Italy. Thank you so much!!
Don and Anita Cruver , (Austin - Texas, October 2010)

  "It was a great way to start my Pisa visit with a Volterra tour with Martina. Very welcoming and highly enriching. With an extensive academic background in art, it is then easy to understand the whole history of "what, why, when, who" and even notice how architectural culture and historic events combine to give you the Tuscany we know today. Great guide and great city. Two thumbs up
Karen Georges, (Paris, March 2011)

  "Recently (April 2011) I went with a Stanford University Alumni group to Italy, principally to Florence. Stanford has a presence there with some professors, support personnel & a small campus. Stanford arranged an added tour segment of Pisa, including a private auto trip & guided tour with Ms Martina Manfredi. The principal purpose of this note is to recommend Ms Manfredi & the Stanford program. She is very knowledgeable & I must add, beautiful. Also the road trip through the countryside between Florence & Pisa was illuminating. Best to you
John Granville, (Abilene, Texas, April 2011)

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