"Once upon a time there was a bowl...the history ...and experience of touch"

Tuscany At Heart (Manfred Martina), in collaboration with professional sculptors and ceramists, organizes lab tours for children and adults interested in rediscovering ancient arts and crafts. With the itinerary-laboratory "The Bowl: content and container from the Middle Ages to the present. The experience of touch", we go back to the X-XI century, when the Pisan galleys travelled the length and breadth of the Mediterranean Sea, reaching the coasts of Spain and North Africa, and brought home men, ideas and goods, including many bowls. Besides being used as containers for food, these bowls also became decorative elements for the facades and sides of churches. During the thirteenth century, the local potters began to produce them in town ...
Our tour-lab wants to be a 'treasure hunt' to discover these unusual decorations, unseen by most people, and a laboratory to experiment with the creation of our own bowl, using a 'ball,' made of dust and water, which in contact with our hands will become bowl!

Meeting point: Museo Nazionale di San Matteo, Pisa
Duration: 3.5 hours

Info and reservations:
Martina: 328 8982927

Tuscany At Heart:
Nesti Pottery:
(for the occasion Nesti Pottery exhibits some reproductions of historical bowls - ‘bacini ceramici’)

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