Discover Florence’s highlights and its Renaissance Icon with an expert local guide

Martina’s colleague and friend will give you a chronological overview of the history of Florence, from its Roman origins to date.

He or She will then bring you to the religious center, the highlight of which are the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore with Giotto’s Bell Tower and St. John Baptistery. You will learn about the Medici and the Florentine republic in the Signoria Square. There your guide will give you an insight into the statues standing in the square: Perseus, Neptune and Hercules.

From the courtyard of the Uffizi you will walk to the celebrated Ponte Vecchio and rub the nose of the Porcellino (wild-boar) at the small enclosed leather market nearby.

The tour will end with a visit of the Academia: there you will see and discuss Michelangelo’s David and the Prisoners: an in-depth description on the technique, the ideals, and the misadventures of this celebrated masterpiece!

A truly memorable experience!


If you have just a few hours to spend in Florence and wish to make the most of your time, this is the perfect tour for you!

Join your personal Tour Guide in a delighful sightseen tour through the historic centre of Florence. She/he will let you fall in love with the history and beauty of this exceptional city: from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore + Giotto’ s Bell Tower and the Baptistery of St. John, with the most famous ‘Gate of Paradise’, to Orsanmichele (the old market), Piazza della Signoria with its statues and ‘Loggia dei Lanzi’, the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), the ‘pig-let leather market and Piazza delle Repubblica.


Skip the line and visit an amazing collection with your expert local guide!
Thanks to your personal Tour Guide you will not have to wait in line for hours with tourists and instead you will make the most of your time, discovering a selection of beautiful masterpieces belonging to the Uffizi Gallery!
Founded by the Medici family in 1581, the collection of the Uffizi has continued to grow over the course of the ensuing centuries, including paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries.
The heart and soul of the collections are the paintings by great masters of the Renaissance, especially the Florentines,  whom you will discover through the eyes and  words of your guide.
Starting with Giotto, considered the founder of Italian painting, you will learn about Botticelli, ‘a poet of beauty and lines’, whose Birth of Venus is a milestone for western art. The universal genius of Leonardo da Vinci and the tormented Michelangelo complete an overview of the highlights of the Gallery.
Besides Florentine masters, the collection includes Raphael, whose paintings shape the idea of harmony, Titian, capable of capturing the magic of color, and Caravaggio, with his strong contrasts of light reflecting the drama of a tormented life.
A truly fulfilling and intense experience!

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Discover Siena’s highlights and hidden treasures at your own pace!

Join your personal Tour Guide for a delightful walking tour of Siena: you will discover both its highlights and hidden treasures!
From the awesome Gothic cathedral and Baptistery to the spectacular shell shaped Piazza del Campo with the Public Palace (Town Hall), the ‘Gaia’ Fountain  and Mangia Tower – which you can climb and  and enjoy a breathless view of the city and the surrounding countryside! – to the well preserved city walls (5 miles long), medieval and renaissance style buildings standing along widing roads and the Fortress built by the Medici when they conquerred Siena in XVI.
Last but not least you will discover a ‘contrada’, one of the seventheen neighborhoods that partake in the most popular Palio, an horserace taking place twice a year in Piazza del Campo!


Discover an extremely unique gem in a sea of Tuscan hills!

Like a Medieval Sleeping Beauty, the timeless walled town of San Gimignano oustands on a sea of rolling green hills in the heart of Tuscany. As soon as you enter its historic centre, you realize that there time stands still in medieval time and you fell a fairy-tale-like atmosphere!
Developped as a neighborhood of the nearby Etruscan town of Volterra, during the Middle Ages San Gimignano turned into one of the main stops along the ‘Via Francigena’ (or ‘Via Romea’), a pilgrim road that connected northern Europe to Rome, and, as a consequence,
a strategic place for commerce (Vernaccia and ‘Greek’ wine, suffron, wool and leather).
 Some local noble families fought to get the power and the way they had to show it was with the construction of the tallest tower ever. This towers were ment to be also a safe place in case of enemies’ attack. Nowedays you find fourtheenth of the seventy-two towers which were built in origin. During the tour you will have the opportunity not only to walk around them and learn the story of the people who lived in, but also to climb the tallest, ‘Torre Grossa’ (Great Tower), and have a spectacular view on Tuscany countryside! If you are afraid of hights – do not not worry at all! – Your personal tour guide will also take you to the highest point of the village, on the ‘Rocca Medicea’ where you will be able to get quite the same perspective!


A journey through Jewish history and connections to several Florence highlights, Michelangelo’s David included!

This tour is essentially composed of two parts: a city walk and a one-hour visit of the nineteenth century’s synagogue and museum.

The city walk will take in some of the most famous sights in the very heart of the city, among them Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and the Cathedral’s square, where  your personal guide will captivate you on aspects of particular interest from a Jewish perspective and bring you to specifically Jewish sites. Considering that none of the pre-nineteenth century’s Jewish neighborhoods or synagogues have been preserved, the tour will at times be evocative in nature, interlacing sometimes only feeble physical traces with the history of a secular presence.

The second part of the tour will be spent visiting the outstanding nineteenth-century Great Synagogue or Tempio Maggiore, which was finished in 1882, in the age of Jewish emancipation, and in a style inspired by ‘Moorish’ and Byzantine influences.

The museum, which is housed on the first and second floors, has a section dedicated to the history of the community and displays a rich collection of liturgical objects and items connected to family traditions.

In addition, it is possible to further enrich the tour by following the traces of King David in Florentine Art, paying a visit to the Gallery of the Academy where Michelangelo’s renowned ‘David’ is housed.

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