Tuscany At Heart is a Private Guided Tour Company run by Martina Beatrice Manfredi.
Over the past thirteenth years, it has been specialising in authentic and tailor-made itineraries throughout Tuscany and the Italian ‘Riviera di Levante’.

Created with love and enthusiasm by an award winning Licensed Tour Guide and distinguished Art Historian, our tours are personalized and can be customized based on individual preference and needs.

Whether you are a single traveler, a family or a small group, if you wish to explore the rich cultural heritage of Italy, book a tour with Tuscany At Heart.

We offer art/architectural/historical walks, boat tours on the Arno River and along the Ligurian coastline, exquisite wine tasting trips, culinary adventures and tours lab (do it yourself experiences).
Our tours are suitable both for adults and children – anyone is welcome to avail themselves of Martina’s expertise and to request the tour of their dreams. 

Discover Italy’s charms at your own pace. Have your senses awakened. Experience life like a native Italian throughout your entire trip! Return home with Tuscany At Heart and ‘new eyes’!
Book a tour with Martina, make your vacation in Italy unforgettable. Experience a warm authentic human connection with a passionate and knowledgeable guide!

When, after two years of touring as a Licenesed Tour Guide and Tour Director in Tuscany, eleven years ago Martina  founded her own tour company in Pisa -Italy, she decided for the name ‘Tuscany at Heart’ without hesitation. It perfectly evokes her mission.

She wanted to share her passion for and knowledge of Tuscany’s authentic history, art and traditions, besides giving travellers the opportunity to meet up with and at a time to support local communities: from master artisans and artists who keep on very ancient arts & crafts to historical cafes and bacheries, family run wineries and cosy accomodations.

With this in the mind and heart, our tours are personally customized in details and mostly guided by Martina.

As lovingly pointed out by a traveller:
There is a reason this company is called Tuscany at Heart – because Martina puts her heart into Tuscany and her guests. She added pages to our family book of Pisa memories. Being with Martina made you feel as though a friend was showing you around…a really SMART friend. We highly recommend Tuscany at Heart and Martina for anyone going to this region who want a personalized and knowledgeable tour with a special person

(Christine Cashen Hall of Fame Humorous Keynote Speaker/Author – May 31, 2019, LinkedIn – Christine was a client and now friend of Martina)


Our logo comes from an idea of Martina Beatrice Manfredi, founder of Tuscany at Heart, and wonderfully crafted by designer Sandra Matic.
The aim is to promote Martina as a fully Licensed Tour Guide as well as her private guided tour company in order to be recognized throughout Italy and worlwide.
It represents the deep connection between Martina and Tuscany’s enviromental and cultural context, which she wish to have travellers fell in love with and experienced through ‘new eyes’.
A few recognisable identitary symbols  – the sunflower, Tuscany’s fields and rolling hills, the sun and the sea – run in a never ending circle and create a warm frame for an extraordinary jewelry case, full of precious ancient perls and hidden gems,  making us, viewers, spectactors of an eternal magnificence, today as well as centuries ago.
Being an art and ancient crafts lover, interested in local history and traditions, chosing this logo, Martina wanted to express her desire that you, travellers, could meet authentic local communities  and at a time support the real (hand-)made in Italy.
Martina stamps this as with a seal, through her company logo.