Experience a truly authentic human connection!


Do it yourself an learn an exclusive craftsmenship

Wether you are a beginner or an expert sculptor keen to discover the qualities of alabaster stone and the techiques to sculpt it, you are in the right place!

Your personal tour guide Martina will introduce you to the fascinating history of Volterra and its founders, the Etruscans who, two thousand years years ago, were the first to discover and make use of alabaster in this area of Tuscany.
In addition, the purest and most translucient of a four kind, the ‘scaglione’, it is only available in the small village of Campiglia Marittima, located  a few km from Volterra.

Whilst by the second half of XIX century there were many ‘alabastrai’ (master artisans of alabaster) running their workshops in town, today we find only a few artists who are very passionate about it and do their best to carry on with this very ancient craft: you will have the opportunity to meet one of them and to attend a two hours private hands-on experience.
You will enjoy exploring the tools to sculpt this very soft, chalky and translucient stone, besides its qualities and secrets.

It will be an authentic local experience!

Note: if you were interested you can attend a full day or longer course. Do not hesitate to contact Martina for further information.


Mulberry trees, cocoons & looms

A four hours fascinating workshop with a passionate silkworm breeder and master wiver who will host you at her cosy farmhouse, located in the peaceful and quiet coutryside around Lucca.

She has been inspired by her grandmother’s job and from a  local tradition which dates back to XIII century, when the ‘lucchesi’ started the cultivation of mulberry tree and silkworm breeding.

After the visit of the ancient ‘gelseto’ (white mulberry trees), you will have the opportunity to see the silkworms and learn all details about their life cycle – their provenance, how they are raised and fed, the way they spin the cocoon and how they transform.

Therefore you will discover how the silk thread is obtained, the different types of silk, the non-violent silk and the art of silk weaving.

Finally you will make an amazing hands on experience, working at a small wooden loom and creating your own small silk fabric to bring back home!

Note: If you were interested in making a specific item, you should consider to stay longer and enjoy a two (ore more) extra hours lab.

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