Discovering the most famous Leaning Tower and hidden treasures of Pisa

An in-deph private walking tour of Pisa, including the most famous ‘Field of Miracles’ – where the Leaning Tower stands out – and the old town center, which bear witness to a very glorious and past (XI-XIV century).

Through the words and eyes of your local Tour Guide Martina, you will will relive/meet up with great events, famous locals and visitors of the past who lived or spent time in Pisa (like Busketo, Kinzica, Leonardo Fibonacci, Galileo Galilei, Goethe, the Shelleys, Lord Byron and Virginia Wolf). Meanwhile you will come across with beautyful squares, narrow alleys and widing lanes which led you to the beautiful Lungarni (the two banks of the Arno river), which have enchanted travellers since XV century.  Of course at some point, some time will be dedicated to a taste of local cousine!
Eventually, all of your senses will be overwhelmed!

It will be a truly Memorable Experience!


After that, you will proceed through the historic centre and enjoy:


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Battistero di San Giovanni – 14/04/2019 

Pisa Tower – 14/04/2019 

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