Discover Pisa’s other charmes, from hidden gardens and piazzas to cuisine and artisans

Join Martina for a delightful walk/bike ride back in time to Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Pisa. Guided through its old town center by Martina, You will stop at charming squares, go through narrow alleys and reach the beautiful Lungarni (the two banks of the Arno river). You will learn about the development of a strategic and ancient city port; which became the most powerful Maritime Republic on the Medieterranean Sea between XI-XIII century. You will recognize the signs left by the Medici Family domination and experience everyday life of a vibrant university town at present time.

Note: If you were interested in Martina will be happy to introduce you also to the authentic local cousine and master artisans who are proud to keep on very ancient arts and crafts. 

You will live Pisa like a local and experience a true human connection


Walking/Cycling Tour – 3 hours

*the meeting point can be arranged in a different spot in town.
Contact Martina for a personalized itinerary. You might also consider to  enjoy a cycling tour.


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What you will visit

Battistero di San Giovanni – 14/04/2019 

Pisa Tower – 14/04/2019 

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